Gents 2015

Gents Results
Dec 2015
Winter League
Class 1         John Brady                         76 pts
Class 2         John Hynan                        80 pts
Class 3         Joe O’Loughlin                  84 pts
Dec 20th – Turkey Competition – Week 6
Winner       Joe O’Loughlin                  31pts
Dec 6th – Turkey Competition – Week 5
Winner       Paul Malone                      28pts
Nov 2015
Nov 29th – Turkey Competition – Week 4
Winner       Aidan Moore                     28pts
Nov 22nd – Turkey Competition – Week 3
Class A        Johnny Brady                    27pts
Class B        Jim Quinn                           27pts
Class C        Noel Aungier                     29pts
Nov 8th – Turkey Competition – Week 2
Class A        Michael Kelly                     28pts
Class B        Noel Usher                         31pts
Class C        Joe O’Loughlin                  33pts 
Nov 1st – Turkey Competition – Week 1
Class A        Seamus Brereton              29pts
Class B        Alan Hughes                      32pts
Class C        Sean O’Rourke                 28pts
Oct 2015
Oct 28th – Wednesday Open
1st                 Joseph O’Loughlin              42pts
2nd                Patrick Puckan O’Neill       38pts
Oct 25th – Single Stableford
1st                 John Lowry                       41pts
2nd                Stephen Swords              39pts
Class A        John Brady                        36pts
Class B        Kieran Glynn.                    36pts
Class C        Niall Birchall                     39pts
Oct 18th – 3 Man Shambles
1st                 Franis Callagy, Joe Maguire, Andy Maguire         94pts
2nd               PJ Carew, Paddy Reilly, Jim Connolly                   92 pts
Oct 14th – Wednesday Open
1st                 Bernard Daniels [Dunmurry Springs]      36pts
2nd               Paddy Reilly                                                 35pts
Oct 11th – Gents Fourball Betterball
1st                 Noel Duignean, Frank Malone            46pts
2nd                Francis Callagy Tom Glennon            45 pts
Oct 7th – Wednesday Open
1st                 Mark O’Brien                            42pts
2nd                Paul O’Brien [Stackstown]    38 pts
Oct 4th – Singles Stableford
1st                 Tom Arthur                        39 points
Class A        Ger Brady                          38 points
Class B        Joe Murphy                       38 points
Class C        Noel Aungier                     35 points
Sep 2015
Sep 30th – Wednesday Open
1st                 Patrick Puckan O’Neill   42pts
2nd                Mick O’Toole [Clane]     36 pts
Sept 27th – John Lawless Memorial
1st                 Alan Hughes                      42 pts
2nd                Larry Gavin                       40 pts
Gross           Alan Maher                        37 pts
Class A        Brian O’Sullivan                39 pts
Class B        David Farrell                      38 pts
Class C        Jim O’Reilly                        40 pts
Player of the Year Winner – Ronnie Farrell
Race to October Winner – Ken Corcoran
Sep 23rd – Wednesday Open
1st                  James O’Connor                 39pts
2nd                 Ger Brady                             37pts
Sep 20th – Fr Killian Trophy
1st                  Paul Danials                       68
2nd                John Guilfoyle                     69
Class A        Ken Corcoran                      70
Class B        Anthony Bagnall                 72
Class C        Alan Fanning                       69
Back 9          Kevin Hughes                      33.5
              CSS Saturday 72, Sunday 73
Sep 16th – Wednesday Open
1st                 Martin King                           38pts
2nd               Patrick Puckan O’Neill       37pts
Sep 13th – Ladies Prize to Men
1st                  Stephan Swords                 43 pts
2nd                Ken Cororan                        43 pts
Class A        Alan Maher                           39 pts
Class B        Sean Rusty Nolan               42 pts
Class C        Robert FitzSimons              41 pts
Back 9          Patrick Puckan O’Neill       21 pts
Sep 9th – Wednesday Open
1st                  Mark O’Brien                        40pts
2nd                Sean Cooney                       37pts
Sept 6th – Rose Manufacturing
1st                Brendan McGrath                41 pts
2nd               Ger Brady                           40 pts
Class A        Michael Wright                    39 pts
Class B        John Wyer                          39 pts
Class C       John O’Loughlin                  37 pts
Back 9         Joe Maguire                       22 pts
Sep 2nd – Wednesday Open
1st                  John Sheehan                     39pts
2nd                 Alan Hughes                        39pts
Aug 2015
Aug 30th – Oakwood Inn / Eugene Byrne Singles
1st                  Padraig Farrell                    42pts
2nd                 Karl Murphy                         41 pts
Gross           Quentin Carew                     39 pts
Class A        Ken Corcoran                       41 pts
Class B        Paddy Reilly                         38 pts
Class C        Alan Fanning                       38 pts
Back 9          Seamus Brereton                 24 pts
Aug 26th – Wednesday Open
1st                  Martin Murphy                     42pts 
2nd                Jamie Dolan                        40pts
Aug 23rd – Brian O’Meara’s Captains Prize.
1st                                 Gerard Clarke                         99.5
2nd                               Alan Hughes                           102
Gross                           Quentin Carew                       75
3rd                                James Farrell                          104
1st Class A                 Ciaran McDonnell                  104.5
2ndClass A                 Ciaran Breen                          108
1st Class B                 Karl McInerney                       106.5
2nd Class B                James Quinn                          108.5
1st Class C                 Andrew Maquire                     112
2nd Class C               Joe Doyle                                112
Leading Qualifier      Stephen McGlynn                  70
Past Captain              Noel Usher                              71
Young at Heart           Sean Fitzgerald                      71
Front 9                         Barry Sheridan                       33.5
Back 9                         Danny Walsh                          31.5
1st Mixed                    Cian Farrell & Trudy O’Neill
2nd Mixed                   Noel Usher & Deirdre. Lawless
Gross Mixed               Pat O’Neill & Miriam Malone
Aug 19th – Wednesday Open
1st                  Karl Murphy                         42pts
2nd                Ciaran Breen                       40pts
Aug 16th – Peter McNally Scratch & Nett Cup
1st gross      Alan Maher                          77
2nd gross    John Goulding                     77
1st nett         Stephen McGlynn               70nett
2nd nett       Richie Dalton                       71 nett
Class A        Ger Brady                             72 nett
Class B        John O’Reilly                       71 nett
Class C        Niall Birchall                        71 nett
Aug 12th – Wednesday Open
1st               Declan Long [Wicklow]         39pts
2nd              Martin Murphy                        38pts
Open Week 2015
Aug 9th – Brian O’Meara 2 Person Team 
1st               Sean Murray, Philip Garrigan 52
2nd             Ciaran Breen, John Kelly 52
Ladies       Deirdre & Emer Lawless 40
Aug 8th – Hugh Gillen Memorial
1st               Joe Murphy, Greg Carew, Derek Jones 58.3
2nd             P Grace, L Malone, M Murphy [Callan Golf Club] 60.3
3rd              Mick Wright Fergus Devereux, Martin Armstrong 60.6
4th               Noel &Eily Duignan, Paul Danials 60.8
5th               Kevin Farrell, Phil Farrell, Derek Kearney 60.8
Aug 7th – Open Singles – Sponsored by Walsh Kealey
1st               Kevin Mann                            39pts
2nd             Michael Nolan                       37pts
Class A     Philip Garrigan                       36pts
Class B     Noel Duignan                         36pts
Class C     Seamus O’Connor                34pts
Aug 5th – Single Stabelford – Sponsored by Niall Dempsey
1st               Paul Danials                         40pts
2nd              Karl Murphy                          39pts
Gross        John Goulding                       36pts
Class A     Jack Dempsey                       37pts
Class B     Martin Murphy                       36pts
Class C     Andrew Maguire                   37pts
Aug 4th – 4 Ball Better Ball (9 hole) – Sponsored by Ken O’Brien
1st     Cian Farrell, John Kelly                 24pts
2nd  Miriam Malone, June Malone       23pts
Aug 3rd – 4 Person Waltz – Sponsored by Patrick Larkin
1st     Marie Burke, Christine Byrne, Betty Lynch, Dora Glynn          85 pts
2nd    Sean & Margret Murray, Philip Garrigan, Pauline Holton       85pts
Aug 2nd – 4 Ball Better Ball – Sponsored by Greg Farrelly
1st     Margaret Murray, Bea Kelly           46 pts
2nd    Rita Maloney, Pauline Holton       45pts
3rd     Greg & PJ Carew                             44pts
Aug 1st – 4 Person Team Event -Sponsor Ronan McGlade
1st     Danny, Moire & Sinead Walsh, Mick Carey                               100pts
2nd    Sean & Margret Murray, Philip Garrigan, Deridre Lawless    98pts
3rd     Charlie Quinn, Joe Abbott, Brian O’Meara, Declan Conlon   89pts
July 2015
Jul 29nd – Wednesday Open
1st              Kyle Maguire [Mullingar]          42pts
2nd            Dermot Farrell                            40pts
 Jul  26th –Scratch Cups
Junior Scratch Cup
Gross                                                                    Nett
1st              Ali Powell [New Forest] 73             1st            Gary Brady [Killeen] 68
2nd            Greg Blong 73                                 2nd          Noel Cribben 69
Intermediate Scrach Cup
Gross                                                                    Nett                           
1st               Brendan Dooley [Tullamore] 77       1st             Karl Murphy 68
2nd              Patrick Keenan [The Heath] 78       2nd            John McKeon 70
Minor Scratch Cup
Gross                                                                    Nett
1st               Dermot Byrne 86                             1st            Anthony Donegan 72
2nd             Paud Malone 91                              2nd            Tom McAndrew 73
Jul 22nd – Wednesday Open
1st              Paul Bagnall 40pts
2nd            Ciaran Breen 40pts
Jul 19th – Millennium Cup – Ace Sports
1st              David Hughes 31831687                       38pts
2nd            John McKeon                                            38pts
Gross        John Brady                                                 37pts
Class A     Alan Mahar                                                36pts
Class B     Jim Quinn                                                   37pts
Class C     John Kelly 31830379                              37pts
Back 9       Karl Murphy                                               22pts
Jul 15th – Wednesday Open
1st              Michael Nolan 41pts
2nd            John Barry [Blessington Lakes] 38pts
Jul 12th – President’s Prize – Gents – Mr. Noel Duigenan
1st                                          Kieran Glynn                 64nett
2nd                                        Kevin Hughes               68nett
Gross                                    Dean Donoghue           74gross
3rd                                         Pat Dunne                      68nett
Class A                                 Ger Brady                       68nett
Class B                                 John O’Reilly Jnr           68nett
Class C                                 Karl McInerney              71nett
Class D                                 Joe Maguire                  69nett
Past Captain/President      Seamus O’Connor       71nett
Young at Heart                    Paud Malone                 71nett
Front Nine                            Joe O’Connell               31.5
Back Nine                             Shane Cummins          31
Mixed Competition
1st           Noel Usher and Deirdre Lawless     29 ¼ nett
2nd         Brendan Fayne & Irene Hurley         29 ¾ nett
Gross     Pauric Farrell & Miriam Malone        38gross


Jul 8th – Wednesday Open
1st Patrick puckan O’Neill 41
2nd Kieran Glynn 40 
Jul 5th – Paddy Abbott Cup
1st John Wyer 46 pts
2nd Dominic Nyland 39 pts
Gross Michael Nolan 31 pts
Class A Eugene McDermott 38 pts
Class B Karl Murphy 37 pts
Class C John Kelly 37 pts 
Jul 1st – Wednesday Open
1st Richard Dalton 41pts
2nd John Butler 40pts
June 2015
Jun 28th – Kinsella Cup
1st Noel Ussher 43pts
2nd John Hynan 42pts
Class A Ronald Farrell 39pts
Class B Mark O’Connell 42pts
Class C Brendan Bergin 38pts
Jun 24th – Wednesday Open
1st Patrick (puckan) O’Neill 39pts
2nd Quentin Carew 38pts


Jun 21st – St. Vincent De Paul Singles
1st Joe Murphy 43
2nd Patrick Curtin 42
Class A Seamus Mullaniff 41
Class B Kenny Quinn 41
Class C Thomas Glennon 39
Jun 17th – Wednesday Open
1st Joe Doyle 41
2nd John Sheehan 38
Jun 14th – Edenderry Club Classic
1st Kathleen Finnegan, Bea Kelly, Sheila Malone. 85
2nd John Sheehan, Aishling & Tom O’Halloran 81
3rd Ciaran McDonnell, Kevin Hughes, Malachy Moore 81
4th Siobhan O’Callaghan, Miriam Malone, Maura Moore 78
5th Kieran O’Donnell, June Malone, Siobhan O’Callaghan 78
6th Dean Donoghue, Ger Brady, Karl McInerney 77
7th John Butler, Peter Butler, Brian O’Meara
Non GUI  Steven Colgan, John Lawless, Kevin Doyle 79
Jun 10th – Wednesday Open
1st Kevin Hughes 38pts
2nd Derek Jones 38 pts
Jun 7th – Dermot Hall Menswear Singles
1st Niall Burchell  39pts
2nd James O’Connor 38pts
Class A Eugene McDermott 37pts
Class B Ger Lawlor 38pts
Class C Andrew Maguire 36pts


May 2015


May 31st – PJ & Mary Carew Singles
1st Mark O’Connell 39pts
2nd Trevor Carew 37pts
Gross John Goulding 33pts
Class A Pat_Puckan O’Neill 37 pts
Class B Kenny Quinn 37pts
Class C PJ Maloney 35pts
Front 9 James Connolly 19pts
Back 9 Joe Maguire 20pts
Young at Heart Noel Duigenan 35pts
May 24th Vice Captains Prize – John Butler
1st Mick Kelly 42pts
2nd Des O’Doherty 40pts
Class A Pat O’Neill ‘puckan’ 40pts
Class B Gaylon Clancy 37pts
Class C Paddy Coyne 38pts

  May 20th – Wednesday Open

1st Joe Murphy 39pts
2nd Michael O’Toole 36pts Clane Golf Club
17th May – Masters,  Sponsor Brian O’Sullivan
1st Sean_Rusty Nolan 67
2nd Seamus Mullaniff 69
Gross – Michael Nolan 78
Class A – Trevor Carew  70,
Class B – Terance Moore 70
Class C – John Rourke 73
May 13th – Wednesday Open
1st Mick Kelly 41
2nd Kieran Glynn 40

May 10th – Pat O’Connell Memorial

1st John Sheehan 39
2nd Paul Daniels 38
Gross Johnny Brady 32
Class A Pat (puckan) O’Neill 38
Class B Fergus Devereux 38
Class C Tony Donegan 3
May 6th – Wednesday Open
1st Ray Dermody Summerhill 43pts
May 4th – Bank Holiday Open
1st John boxer Kelly 42
Class A Philip Garrigan 38
Class B Dominic Nyland 41
Class C Tony McCreanor 33
May 3rd – 4 Person Team Event
1st Alan Maher, Kenny Quirke, Liam Quirke, Stephen Hynes 85pts
2nd Frances Callagy, Padraig Farrell, Julia Farrell, Noranne Callagy 84pts
April 2015
Apr 30th – Wednesday Open
1st John Sheehan 34pts
2nd Brendan Fayne 32pts
Apr 26th – PGA Tankard – Donoghue Family
1st Patrick O’Neill 40pts
2nd Dominic Nyland 37pts
Class A Pat_Puckan O’Neill 36pts
Class B Sean Pender 37 pts
Class C Joe O’Loughlin 34pts
Apr 23rd – Wednesday Open
1st Vincent Whelehan 36
2nd Eugene McDermott 34
Apr 19th -Men’s Club Fourball
1st Jim Lynam & Mick Heffernan, 45pts
2nd Alan Lynam & Jim O’Connor, 45pts
Apr 16th – Wednesday Open
1st Sean Cooney 40pts
2nd John Hynan 40pts
Apr 12th – Challenge Cup Qualifier
Leading Qualifier – Ken Corcoran 69
See Player of the Year table –
Apr 8th – Wed Open
1st James Quinn 39pts
2nd Noel Usher 38pts
Apr 6th – Easter Weekend 3 Person Team Event
1st Karl McInerney, Stephen McGlynn, Quintin Carew –90pts
2nd Sean Pender, Richie Dalton, Joe Murphy – 90pts
3rd John Hynan, Catherine Hynan, Pauline Salley – 89 pts
Mar 2015
Mar 29th – Club Singles.
Class A Seamus Brereton 39pts
Class B John Hynan 37pts
Class C PJ Curtin. 41 pts
Mar 22nd – Club Singles
First James Quinn 41pts
Second  Pat O’Neill 40pts
Class A  Ciaran McDonnell 39pts
Class B  Kieran Glynn 36pts
Class C  Noel Ussher 37pts
Mar 17th – St Patrick’s Day Mixed Open Singles
Kevin Hughes 43pts
Mar 15th – 3 Person Shambles
1st Emma Donegan, Maura Moore, Rita Moloney 84 pts
2nd Catherine Hynan, John Hynan, Paddy Walsh 83 pts
Mar 8th –Spring Lamb Results 
Class A. Greg Blong 27pts Class B. Alan Fanning 32pts Class C. Tony Donegan 24 pts
Mar 1st – Spring League – Week 8
Class A Ciaran McDonald 28pts
Class B Martin Armstrong 34pts
Class C Joe O’Loughlin 32pts
Feb 2015
Feb 22nd – Spring League – Week 7 
1st Noel Usher 33pts
2nd John Hynan. 33pts
Feb 15th – Spring League – Week 6
Class A Phelim Daly 33pts
Class B Mick O’Brien 34pts
Class C Paud Malone 32pts
Feb 8th – Spring League – Week 5
1st Joe Murphy 33pts
2nd Pat Dunne 32 pts
Feb 1st – Spring League – Week 4
1st Karl McInerney 30pts
2nd Greg Blong 27 pts
Jan 2015
Jan 25th – Spring League – Week 3
Class A Pat O’Neill 30pts
Class B Evan Hackett 31pts
Class C Jim Lynam 28pts
Jan 11th – Spring League – Week 1
Class A Ger Meehan 27 pts
Class B Paul Daniels 29pts
Class C Wesley Slevin 31 pts

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