Gents 2016

Gents Results 2016


Winter League Winners
Class 1 Mick Wright 84puts
Class 2 Noel Usher 89pts
Class 3 Sean O’Rourke 89pts
Winners will receive Club Vouchers

Dec 18th Turkey Competition – Week 7
Class 1 Tom Arthur 25pts
Class 2 John Hynan 28pts
Class 3 Paud Malone 27pts

Dec 11th Turkey Competition – Week 6
Class 1 Mick Wright 29pts
Class 2 Robert FitzSimons 29pts
Class 3 Frank Malone 27pts

Dec 4th – Turkey Competition – Week 5
Class 1 – John Goulding 30 pts
Class 2 – Bryan Dunne 31pts
Class 3 – Sean O’Rourke 31pts


Nov 27th – Turkey Competition – Week 4
Class 1 – Ger Meehan 30pts
Class 2 – Jim Quinn 31pts
Class 3 – David Connolly 29pts

Nov 20th – Turkey Competition – Week 3
Class 1 – John Brady 28pts
Class 2 – Mick O’Brien 29pts
Class 3 – Peter Kenny 27pts

Nov 13th – Turkey Competition – Week 2
Class 1 – Peter Cleary 28pts
Class 2 – Fergus Devereux 31pts
Class 3 – Danny Walsh 31pts

Nov 6th – Turkey Competition – Week 1
Class 1 – Michael Nolan 30pts
Class 2 – Anthony Bagnall 31pts
Class 3 – Peter Kenny 33pts



Oct 31st – Scramble – 3 Person, 3 Club. 9 Hole
1st Tom McAndrew, Martin Armstrong, Fergus Devereux 29.1

Oct 30th
1st Martin Murphy 44pts
Class A Philip Garrigan 39 pts
Class B Noel Duignean 38pts
Class C John Rourke 38pts

Wednesday 26th
1st Alan Hughes 39pts
2nd Alan Fanning 39pts

Oct 23rd – Fourball Betterball
1st Frank Malone & Noel Duigenan 50 pts
2nd Johnny Brady & Freddy Grehan 46 pts

Oct 12th – Wednesday Open
1st John Hynan 40
2nd John Sheehan 39

Oct 15th – Club Classic
1st, Barry Sheridan, Sam Nayagam, Jim Quinn 89pts
2nd Kieran O’Donnell , Brian O’Donnell, Liam Power 85pts
3rd Miriam Malone , June Malone, Paud Malone, 83pts
Non GUI, Bryan Dunne, Brian Reilly, John McKeon 85pts

Oct 12th – Wednesday Open
1st Jim Quinn 40
2nd Alan Fanning 37

Oct 9th – O’Donoghue Cup
1st Michael Gately 42
2nd Mark O’Brien 41
Gross Pat_Puckan 32
3rd Tom Arthur 40
1st Junior Loughlin Walsh 36
2nd Junior Peter Butler 34
3rd Junior Kieran Hilliard 29

Oct 5th – Wednesday Open
1st Aidan Moore 36
2nd Frank Malone 36

Oct 2nd – 18 Hole Singles
1st Joe O’Loughlin 38
Class A Puckan O’Neill 37
Class B John O’Reilly 36
Class C Sean O’Rourke 36


Sep 28th – Wednesday Open
1st Noel Usher 35 pts
2nd Noel Duigenan 35 pts

The Wednesday open league came to and end and the two top players, John Sheehan and Noel Usher topped the leader board with a great score of 188. John and Noel will now do battle in an 18 hole match play winner takes all match. Best of luck to John and Noel and thanks again to all who supported the Wednesday open.

Sep 25th – John Lawless Memorial
1st -James Farrell 39pts
2nd Tom Arthur 38pts
Gross John Brady 35pts
Class 1 Shay Mullaniff 37pts
Class 2 Noel Usher 35pts
Class 3 Niall Burchall 37 pts

Sep 21st – Wednesday Open
1st Alan Hughes 36 pts
2nd John Sheehan 36 pts

Sep 18th – Fr Killian Trophy
1st Ger Meehan 70
2nd Tom McAndrew 70
Gross Alan Maher 77
Class A Tom Arthur 71
Class B Paul Wyer 71
Class C Joe O’Loughlin 70

Sep 14th – Wednesday Open
Noel Usher 41 pts
Pat_Puckan O’Neill 39 pts

Sep 11th – Ladies Prize to Men
1st Seamus Brereton 42pts
2nd Michael Heffernan 37pts
Gross Jonny Brady 36pts
Class A Michael Nolan 36pts
Class B Kiernan Glynn 36pts
Class C Noel Ussher 37 pts
Player of the Year / Race to October –

Sep 7th – Wednesday Open
1st Sean Murray 36
2nd Michael Nolan 35

Sep 4th – Rose Manufacturing Singles
1st, Paul Daniel’s 41pts
2nd, Brendan Bergin 40pts
Gross, J Brady 38pts
Class A , Seamus Mullaniff 38pts
Class B, Noel Usher 37pts
Class C Paud Malone 35pts

Gents Results 2016


Aug 31st – Wednesday Open
1st John Sheehan 40 pts
2nd Anthony Donegan 39 pts

Aug 28th – 18 Hole Singles – Sponsor Thomas Glynn
1st Noel Usher 41
2nd Paul Hilliard 40
Gross Seamus Brereton 30pts
Class A Philip Garrigan 37
Class B Alan Hughes 38
Class C Sean Donoghue 38

Aug 24th – Wednesday Open
1st Alan Hughes 38pts
2nd Paddy English 37pts (Highfield)

Aug 21st – John Butler’s Captain’s Prize
Winner Sean O’Rourke 101
2nd Prize John Hynan 103
Gross Prize Quentin Carew 70
3rd Prize Joe Murphy 103
Class A Shane Cummins 104.5
Class B Alan Hughes 104
Class C Paud Malone 105
Class D Joe O’Loughlin 74
Leading Qualifier Patrick Curtin 68
Past Captain Ger Lawlor
Young at Heart Sean Donoghue
2nd Nine Ciaran Farrell 33
1st Nine Paul Daniels 33
Beginners Brian Smyth
1st Mixed Trudy O’Neill & Danny Walsh 30.25
2nd Mixed Deirdre Lawless & Noel Usher 33.50
Gross Mixed Valerie Cummins & Shane Cummins 41

Aug 17th – Wednesday Open
1st Aidan Moore 40
2nd Cian Farrell 40

Aug 14th – Peter McNally Trophy
1st Quentin Carew 72
2nd Mick Kelly 76
3rd Johnny Brady 76
A Peter Cleary 71
B Alan Hughes 69
C Peter Butler 71

Aug 10th – Wednesday Open
1st John Sheehan 37
2nd Jamie Dolan 35

Open Week 2016 *** THANKS FOR TAKING PART ***
Aug 7th – 18 Hole Novelty Competition – sponsored by Brian O’Meara
1st Patrick Coyne 45
A Terence Moore 41
B Noel Duigenan 41
C Kieran Hilliard 41

Aug 6th – Hugh Gillen Memorial – Sponsored by the Gillen family
1st Mick Carey [Castle Barna], Moira Walsh, Danny Walsh 96
2nd Kevin Hughes, David Chambers, Ciaran McDonnell 93
3rd Emma Donegan, Miriam Malone, Maura Moore, 91
4th Sean O’Rourke, David Hughes, Mick Wright 91

Aug 5th – Open Singles – Sponsored Andy Walsh
1st Bryan Dunne 42
2nd Patrick Walsh 40
Gross Aidan Moore 34
A Joe Murphy 36
B Andrew Maguire 37
C Joe Maguire 40

Aug 3rd – Singles – sponsored by Dermot Hall Menswear
1st John McKeon 39
2nd Anthony Donegan 38
Gross Pat Puckan O’Neill 29
A James Farrell 36
B Pat Hanniffy 35
C Paud Malone 33

Aug 1st & 2nd – 3 Person Shambles – Sponsored by Ken O’Brien
1st Brendan Fayne, Sean Cooney, Thomas Mooney 97pts
2nd John Hynan, Catherine Hynan, Pauline Salley 93pts


July 31th – Fourball Betterball
1st Alan Hughes & Paul Wyer 46
2nd John Hynan & Kieran Hilliard 45
Ladies Miriam Malone & Siobhan O’Callaghan 38

July 30th – 4 Person Team Event
1st Eugene McDermott, David Quinn, Roy Malone [Castle Barna], Fiachra Scally 87pts
2nd John McKeon, Paul Cox, Pauric FitzSimons, Bryan Dunne 86pts

Jul 27th – Wednesday Open Singles
1st Ger Lawlor 41
2nd Ciaran Breen 40

Jul 24th – Scratch Cups
Junior Cup
1st Gross David Duggan [Highfield] 76 gross
2nd Gross Seamus Brereton 77 gross
1st Nett Brendan McGrath 73 nett
2nd Nett Greg Blong 73 nett

Intermediate Cup
1st Gross Paul O’Farrell [Blessington Lakes] 80 gross
2nd Gross Stephen Swords 80 gross
1st Nett John Butler 69 nett
2nd Nett Martin Murphy 69 nett

Minor Cup
1st Gross Paul Cox 89 gross
2nd Gross Bryan Dunne 90 gross
1st Nett Liam Quirke 74 nett
2nd Nett Leo Smullen 74 nett

Jul 20th – Wednesday Open Singles
1st Richie Dalton 40
2nd Sean Murray 38

Jul 17th – Millennium Cup
1st Pat O’Neill 40
2nd Terence Moore 40
Gross Johnny Brady 35
Class A Michael Nolan 38
Class B Richard Dalton 37
Class C Paud Malone 37
Back 9 Pat Puckan O’Neill 19

Jul 13th – Wednesday Open Singles
1st Quentin Carew 38
2nd John Wyer 38

Jul 10th – Ger Lawlor President’s Prize
1st Noel Duigenan 65
2nd Peter Cleary 69
3rd Michael O’Brien 70
Gross Quentin Carew 74
Class A Fiachra Scally 70
Class B John Lowry 71
Class C Francis Callagy 71
Class D Joe O’Loughlin 71
Y@H James Quinn 73
F9 Paul Hilliard 31
B9 Alan Maher 33.5
1st James Quinn & Irene Hurley 30.5
2nd Sean & Margret Murray 32.75
Gross Noel Usher & Deirdre Lawless 41

Jul 6th – Wednesday Open Singles
1st Graham Glynn 44
2nd Noel Usher 38

July 2nd – Paddy Abbott Trophy
1st Tom Arthur 38
2nd Greg Blong
Gross John Brady 34
A Philip Garrigan 37
B John Wyer 37
C Sean O’Rourke 35
Back 9 Brian Logan 23


Jun 29th – Wednesday Open Singles
1st Francis Callagy 39
2nd Michael O’Brien 38

June 26th – Kinsella Cup
1st John Guilfoyle 41
2nd Andrew McGuire 40
Class A Kevin Hughes 38
Class B Padraig Hennessey 37
Class C Kieran Hilliard 38
Back 9 David Cumminns 20

Jun 22nd – Wednesday Open Singles
1st Paud Malone 39
2nd John Goulding 38

Jun 19th – Club Classic
1st Eily Duigenan, Deirdre O’Connor, Rita O’Shea 90pts
1st John & Catherine Hynan, Gretta Foran 87pts
2nd Paud & Miriam Malone, Pat Hanniffy 85pts
1st Sean Cooney, Thomas Mooney, Brendan Fayne 94pts
2nd Pat Carty, Ted Carty, Patrick Carty Jnr 92pts
John Sheehan, John Stanley, Patrick Sheehan 86pts

Jun 15th – Wednesday Open Singles
1st Shane Cummins 43
2nd Derry Quinn 41

Jun 12th – St Vincent De Paul Open Singles
1st PJ Carew 42pts
2nd Tom McAndrew 41pts
Class A Stephen McGlynn 39pts
Class B Kevin Farrell 39pts
Class C Mick Shanahan 36pts

Jun 8th – Wednesday Open Singles
1st Ciaran Farrell 43pts
2nd Paud Malone 38pts
CSS 38pts

Jun 6th – 3 Person Team Event
1st Cian Farrell, Shane Cummins, Derek Kearney 58.25
2nd Joe Murphy, Brian O’Meara, Ger Lawlor 60.4

Jun 5th – Open Singles
1st Padraig Farrell 40
2nd Mick Nolan 38
Gross Dean Donoghue 34
A Noel Cribbin 38
B James Connolly 36
C Paud Malone 36


May 29th – Vice Captain Prize
1st Niall Burchall 67net
2nd Dermot McCabe 69 net
Gross John Brady 76
Class A Mick Wright 70 net
Class B Peter Cleary 69 net
Class C Frank Kilcoyne 70 net
Back 9 prize Thomas Glennon

May 25th – Midweek Open
1st Johnny Goulding 38pts
2nd Francis Callegy 36pts

May 22nd – PJ Carew Singles
1st Joe Murphy 39
2nd Ronald Farrell 37
Gross Quentin Carew 37
Class A Seamus Brereton 35
Class B Tom Arthur 37
Class C Sean O’Rourke 35
Young at Heart Joe O’Loughlin 35
Front 9 Danny Walsh
Back 9 Dominic Nyland

May 18th – Midweek Open
1st Michael O’Brien 38
2nd Johnny Goulding 37
CSS 35 points

May 15th – 18 Hole Singles – Sponsor – Brian O’Sullivan
1st Terence Moore 69
2nd Paul Daniel’s 69
Gross John Brady 74
Class A Mick Kelly 69
Class B Tom Arthur 71
Class C Paul Hilliard 71
CSS 72, 72, 73
Hole in one at the 8th Hole – David Hughes. Robertstown

May 11th – Midweek Open
1st Michael Kelly 39pts
2nd Pat Puckan O’Neill 36pts
css 36

May 8th – Pat O’Connell Memorial
1st Anthony Bagnall 43 pts
2nd John Kelly 41 pts
Gross Michael Kelly 30 pts
A Seamus Mullaniff 36 pts
B Cian Farrell 39 pts
C Noel Aungier 40 pts

May 4th – Open Singles
1st Noel Stynes 35pts
2nd Derek Jones 33pts

May 1st – 4 Person Team Event
1st Joe O’Loughlin, Paul Bagnall, Des O’Doherty, Maura O’Doherty, 86 pts
2nd Paul Dunne, Anthony Bagnall, Dermot McCabe, Robert Fitzsimons, 85 pts

May 2nd – Open Singles
1st Phillip Garrigan, 41 pts
2nd Patrick Puckan O’Neill, 37 pts


April 27th – Midweek Open
1st Alan Hughes 39pts
2nd Michael O’Toole 37pts (away)
CSS 73

April 24th – 18 Hole Singles Stableford sponsored by Noel & Breid Cribbin
1st Kevin Hughes 40
2nd Christopher Maguire 38
Gross John Goulding 31
Class A David Chambers 36
Class B David Hughes 38
Class C Noel Aungier 34
CSS 72,74,72

April 21st – Midweek Open
1st Pat O’Neill (puckan) 37pts
2nd Paud Malone 36pts B9

April 17th – 3 Man Shambles
1st Des Higgins, Jim Lynam, Mick Heffernan  95pts
2nd Terry Moore, Noel Aungier, Lorcan Reilly 93pts
3rd Pat Hannify, Paud Malone, Cathal Berry  90pts

April 14th – Midweek Open
1st Patrick Walsh 38pts
2nd Patrick puckan O’Neill 37pts

April 10th – Challenge Cup sponsored by Brendan Bergin
Leading Qualifier – John Brady  68
Click here for draw.

April 7th – Midweek Open
1st Aidan Moore 33pts

April 3rd – PGA Tankard sponsored by Eddie Donoghue and Family
1st John Lowry 41pts
2nd John Goulding 37pts
Gross Quentin Carew 75
Class A James Farrell 36pts
Class B Tony Fitzpatrick 37pts
Class C Niall Burchell 36pts


March 30th – Midweek Open
1st Alan Hughes 39pts
2nd Michael Daly 35pts

March 28th – 18 Hole Singles – Sponsor EK Tyres
1st Philip Garrigan 41pts
2nd Des Higgins 39pts

March 27th – Easter Open Scramble – Sponsors John & Siobhán O’Callaghan
1st Alan Hughes, David Fox & James Farrell (58.8)
2nd Dean Donoghue, Brendan McGrath Jnr & Quentin Carew (62.8)
3rd Mickey Usher, Mick O’Brien & James Jones (63.4)

March 25th – Good Friday Singles
1st Seamus Brereton 36pts
2nd Paul Daniels 35pts

March 23rd – Midweek Open
1st John Hynan 38pts
2nd Paul Daniels 37pts
1st Ladies Maura Moore 40pts

March 20th – Singles Stableford
1st Paul Hillard 42pts
2nd Brian O’Sullivan 41pts
Class A Trevor Carew 41pts
Class B John Guilfoyle 41pts
Class C Dermot McCabe 39pts

March 17th – St Patrick’s Day – 13 Hole Singles
1st David Fox
2nd Noel Usher
Lady Margaret Murray

March 13th – Men’s 18 Hole Singles
1st Martin Armstrong 43 pts
Class A John Sheehan 41 pts
Class B Noel Duigenan 41 pts
Class C Kieran Hilliard 39 pts

Mar 6th Person Team Event – Shambles
1st Alan Hughes, Mick Nolan, David Fox, Johnny Goulding. 72
2nd Eily Duigenan, Valerie Cummins, John Butler, Ger Lawlor. 71
3rd Robert Fitzsimons, Anthony Bagnall, Tony Fitzpatrick, Dermot McCabe. 72


Feb 28th – 13 Hole Singles
1st – Jim Quinn 31pts
2nd – Ger Brady 30pts

Feb 21th – 13 Hole Singles
1st – Tom Arthur 29pts

Feb 14th – 13 Hole Singles
1st Noel Duigenan 30pts
2nd John Guilfoyle 29pts

Feb 7th – 13 Hole Singles
1st Christy Mangan 30pts
2nd Robby FitzSimons 30pts


Jan 31st – 13 Hole Singles
1st Michael O’Brien 32pts
2nd PJ Carew         29pts

Jan 24th – 13 Hole Singles
Class A Alan Maher        30pts
Class B Noel Duigenan   33pts
Class C Tom McAndrew 32pts

Jan 17th – 13 Hole Singles
1st  John Rourke          30pts
2nd  Tony FitzPatrick    30pts

Jan 10th -13 Hole Singles
1st Brenny McGrath   28pts
2nd Niall Birchalll          27pts

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