Ladies 2015

Ladies 2015 Results
Oct 2015
Oct 8th        Sponsor: Noel Usher
1st                  Rita Moloney                        39pts
2nd                 Gretta Foran                         38pts
3rd                 Deirdre Lawless                  38pts
Oct 1st        Sponsor: Ballyfore Ladies 
1st                  Kathleen Finnegan             40pts
2nd                 Miriam Gavin                       38pts
3rd                 Maura Moore                       38pts
 Front 9        Eily Duigenan                      21pts
Back 9          Gretta Foran                         21pts
Sept 2015
Sep 24th – Ladies Strokes – Sponsors: Breda, Doreen & Ingrid
1st                  Maura Moore                       72 nett
2nd                 Ann Kenna                           73 nett
3rd                 Bea Kelly                              74 nett
4th                  Catherine Hynan                74 nett
 Front 9        Miriam Malon                      35.5 nett
Back 9          Gretta Foran                         35.5 nett
Sep 16th – Ladies Open – Sponsored by AIB
1st                  Bea Kelly, Rita O’Shea, Eily Duigenan.                                 90 pts
2nd                Ann Kavanagh, Catherine Hynan, Bernie Reilly.                 83 pts
3rd                 Margaret Murray, Deirdre Lawless, Valerie Cummins        80 pts
4th                 Moira Walsh, Ada O’Driscoll, Mary Diffley.                            80 pts.
Sep 9th – Captains Prize to the Ladies
1st                  Rita Moloney                        44 pts
2nd                 Gretta Foran                         42 pts
3rd                 Siobhan O Callaghan        38pts
4th                  Rosaleen Byrne                  38pts
1st Nine       June Malone                        22 pts
2nd Nine     Catherine Byrne                  21 pts
2’s Rita Moloney (Hole in One 8th Hole)
Sep 2nd – Moira O’Shaughnessy Memorial
1st                 Deirdre Lawless                 38 pts
2nd                Bea Kelly                           38 pts
3rd                 Ann Foran                            38 pts
4th                 Margaret Murray                 38 pts
Aug 2015
Aug 27th – Dunne Trophy: Sponsors George & Nina Dunne.
1st                  Rita Moloney                        45 pts
2nd                 Penelope Martin                 42 pts
Gross            Emma Donegan
3rd                 Betrice Kelly                         39pts
4th                  Ingrid O Brien                      39pts
Back 9           Eily Duigenan                      21 pts
Front 9          Marie Burke                         20pts
9 Hole           Lucy Dempsey
Aug 20th Sponsors: Marian, Miriam & Sheila
1st                  Penelope Martin                 70 nett
2nd                Margaret Murray                 71 nett
3rd                 Ingrid O’Brien                      71 nett
Front 9          Gretta Foran
Back 9          Christine Byrne
Aug 14th – Lady Presidents Results
1st               Ann Foran                            41 pts
2nd              Catherine Byrne                 40 pts
Gross        Eily Duigenan                     31 gross.
3rd              Kathleen Finnegan            40pts
4th               Penelope Martin                 39 pts
5th               Margaret Murray                 39pts
Past President        Gretta Foran         37pts.
Young at Heart        Betty Lynch          37pts.
Front 9      Valerie Cummins               20pts
Back 9       Irene Hurley                         21pts.
9 Holes     Lucy Dempsey
Aug 7th – Open Week: 3 Ladies Team, 2 Scores to Count.        Sponsored by McGreal’s Jewellery
1st        Eily Duigenan, Rita O’Shea, Deirdre O’Connor                    92 pts
2nd      Olive Payne, Jennifer Clegg, Florence Champion               83 pts
3rd       Pauline Holton, Maureen Waters, Majella O’Donoghue     82 pts
July 2015
July 30th  – Sponsor:- Ryan Pharmacy
1st:                   Bea Kelly                    43 pts
2nd:                 Ann Gunning              42 pts
3rd:                  Christine Byrne          39 pts
4th                    Catherine Hynan       39 pts
July 23th – Lady Captains Prize
1st                     Emma Donegan 105.5
2nd                    Maureen Waters 106
Gross               Eily Duigenan 
3rd                     Bea Kelly 107
4th                     Deirdre Lawless 107
5th                     Ann Gunning 108
6th                    Kathleen Finnegan 108
7th                     Rita Maloney 108
8th                     Gretta Foran 108
9th                     Ann Kenna 109
Leading Qualifier:        Breda Mc Donnell 68
Past Captain                  Phil Duggan
Young at Heart              Moira Walsh
Front 9                            Marie Burke
Back 9                             Emer Lawless
1st                     Sean Murray & Dora Glynn 29.
2nd                    Sean Cooney & Ann Lee 29.25
Gross               Brian O Meara
Beginners       Deirdre Maloney
Putting Comp:
1st                     Rosaleen Byrne
2nd                    Maura Moore
2’s                    Betty Lynch

July 16th – Valerie Doyle Competition. Sponsors: Lucy, Mary & Deirdre.

1st Miriam Malone 39 pts
2nd Penelope Martin 38 pts
3rd Maura Doherty 37pts
Qualifiers for Valerie Doyle
Cat A: Miriam Malone

Cat B: Maura Doherty Cat C: Marian Kelly

July 9th – Sponsor:Chocolate Box Jewellery. 
1st: Irene Hurley 5 up
2nd: Julia Farrell 4up
3rd: Noranne Callagy 2up


July 2nd – St. Vincent De Paul : Sponsor: The O’Donoghue Family.
1st: Miriam Gavin 41pts
Gross: Penelope Martin 28 Gross pts
Class A:
1st:Maura Moore 38pts
2nd:Deirdre Lawless 37pts
3rd:Miriam Malone 36pts
Class B:
1st:Maureen Waters 38pts
2nd:Valerie Cummins 38pts
3rd:Julia Farrell 36pts
Class C:
1st:Statia Larkin 39pts
2nd:Karin Abbott 39pts
3rd:Joan Ennis 38pts
9 Holes:
1st: Trudy O Neill
2nd:Lucy Dempsey
June 2015
June 25th – Sponsor Mary & Marie Fashions
1st Emer Lawless 62 nett
2nd Rosaleen Byrne 68 nett
3rd Gretta Foran 70 nett
June 18th – Sponsor Eddie O’Donoghue.
1st: Sheila Malone 41 pts
2nd: Siobhan O’Callaghan 41 pts
3rd Kathleen Finnegan 40pts
Jun 11th Australian Spoons Foursomes
Winners: Emma Donegan & Maura Moore 42 pts.
Jun 11th Countess of Granard Foursomes. 
Winners: Margaret Murray & Deirdre Lawless 40 pts
Jun 4th Peter McNally Trophy – Sponsored by Jenny McNally
1st Rita Moloney 39 pts
2nd Emma Donegan 38pts
3rd Mary Farrell 37pts
May 2015

28th May – Sponsored by Nuala Brennan

1st Doreen Pickering 40pts
2nd Valerie Cummins 39 pts
3rd Rosaleen Byrne 38pts

  14th May Sponsor Ger Hall Golf Academy.

1st Gretta Foran 40 pts
2nd Deirdre Lawless 39pts
3rd Mary Scanlan 35pts
4th Kathleen Finnegan 35pts
1st 9 Mary Farrell
2nd 9 Phil Duggan
Thursday 21st May. Sponsor Mary, Catherine, Marian
1st June Malone 70
2nd Irene Hurley 73
Gross Emma Donegan 83
3rd Betty Lynch 74
May 7th – Ladies Open
1st: Catherine Byrne & Kathleen Finnegan 52 pts
2nd:Ingrid O Brien & Doreen Pickering 47 pts
3rd:Julia Farrell & June Malone 46 pts
4th:Breid Cribbin & Karin Abbott 46 pts
Apr 2015
April 30th. Sponsor Coyne Cycles.
1st: Margaret Murray 73
2nd: Kathleen Finnegan 74
Gross:Eily Duigenan 86
3rd:Deirdre Lawless 74
Apr 23 – Ladies 18 Holes: Sponsor L M Boutique
1st Betty Lynch 42pts
2nd Penelope Martin 39pts
3rd June Malone 39pts
4th Eily Duigenan 38pts
Apr 16th – Ladies 18 Holes: Sponsor Desiree Boutique
1st Doreen Pickering 40pts
2nd Miriam Malone 38pts
3rd Breda McDonnell 36pts
4th Dora Glynn 35pts
   2’s Eily Duigenan
Apr 9th – Josie Hill Memorial
1st. Ann Foran 38 pts.
2nd.Rosaleen Byrne 38pts
3rd.Maura Moore 37pts
4th. Noranne Callagy 37pts
9’s Dora Glynn & Miriam Malone
Apr 2nd – 18 Hole Stableford – Sponsor Phil & Trudy
1st: Kathleen Finnegan 39pts
Class 1. Eily Duigenan 36 pts
Class 2. Ann Gunning 38 pts
Class 3 Rosaleen Byrne 34 pts
2’s Kathleen Finnegan
Mar 2015
26th March – 13 Hole Sweep
1st Irene Hurley 31pts
2nd Anne Gunning 31pts
3rd Ann Kenna 30pts
4th Siobhan O’Callaghan 30pts
22nd March – 18 Hole Sweep
1st Kathleen Finnegan 40pts
2nd Rita Maloney 39pts
3rd Pauline Holton 36pts
4th Miriam Malone 36pts
Ladies Competition Sponsored by Frances Byrne
1st: Ann Kenna 43pts.
2nd: Emma Donegan 38 pts.
3rd: Marie Burke 38pts.
4th: Phil Duggan 37pts.
5th: Kathleen Finnegan 35pts.
6th: Rosaleen Byrne35pts
1st 9:Margaret Murray 21 pts
2nd 9: Miriam Malone 19pts.
Mar 17th – St Patrick’s Day Mixed Open Singles
Margaret Murray 37pts
Mar 15th – 3 Person Shambles
1st Emma Donegan, Maura Moore, Rita Moloney 84 pts
2nd Catherine Hynan, John Hynan, Paddy Walsh  83 pts
Feb 2015
5th Feb-11th – Feb -13 Hole Sweep
1st Deirdre Lawless 29pts
2nd Maura Moore 29pts
12th Feb – 18th Feb
1st Gretta Foran 35pts (Hole in One on 12th Huge Congratulations)
2nd Rita Maloney 30pts
3rd Maura Moore 28pts
19th Feb -25th
Anne Foran 32 pts
Rita Maloney 31pts
Maura Moore 28 pts
26thFeb- 4th March
1st Rita Maloney 28pts
2nd Maura Moore 28pts
3rd Mary Farrell 28pts
Lamb Competitions:
Lamb 1Catherine Hynan
Lamb 2 Kathleen Finnegan
Lamb 3 Ann Kenna
Lamb 4 Mary Farrell
Lamb 5 Siobhan O’Callaghan
Lamb 6 Margaret Murray
Lamb 7 Emma Donegan
Lamb 8 Phil Duggan
Lamb 9 Maura Moore
Jan 2015
9 Hole Sweep 1st Eily Duigenan 21 pts 2nd Miriam Malone 21pts 3rd Margaret Murray 19pts 4th Emma Donegan 18pts 5th Catherine Hynan 18pts
13 Hole Sweep 7th – 14th Jan 1st Catherine Hynan 28pts 2nd Mary Farrell 27pts 3rd Miriam Malone 26pts 4th Eily Duigenan 23pts
13 Hole Sweep 15th -21st Jan Winner: Emma Donegan 29pts
13 Hole Sweep 22nd-28th Jan 1st Maura Moore 26pts 2nd Catherine Hynan 24 pts 3rd Miriam Malone 24 pts 4th Margaret Murray 23pts

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