Ladies 2017

Ladies Results 2017


Turkey Competition [Domestic handicaps have been taken off these score where applies]
Turkey No 7 Catherine Hynan 18pts
Turkey No 6 Margaret Murray 19pts
Turkey No 5 Moira Walsh 17pts
Turkey No 4
Turkey No 3 Bea Kelly
Turkey No 2 Anne Gunning
Turkey No 1 Anne Gunning

Nov 30th – 9 Hole Sweep
1st Gretta Foran 19pts
2nd Miriam Malone 19pts
3rd Siobhan O Callaghan 19pts

Nov 23rd – 13 Hole Sweep
1st Catherine Hynan 27pts
2nd Margaret Murray 26 pts
3rd Maura Moore 23pts

Nov 16th – 13 Hole Sweep
1st Bea Kelly 26pts
2nd Eily Duigenan 24pts
3rd June Malone 24pts

Nov 9th – 13 Hole Sweep
1st Maura Moore
2nd Maureen Waters
3rd Gretta Foran

Nov 2nd – 13 Hole Sweep
1st Gretta Foran
2nd Eily Duigenan
3rd Betty Lynch


Oct 26th – 13 Hole Sweep
1st Miriam Malone
2nd Noranne Callegy
3rd Anne Gunning

Oct 19th – 18 Hole Christmas Hamper Competition – Sponsor by the Ladies Club
H-Low Comp – Sponsor Henry Niamh & Orla
1st Anne Gunning & Judy Curley
2nd Carmel Bourke & Ingrid O’Brien
Golfer of the Year – Gretta Foran

Oct 19th – Sponsor: Henry, Niamh & Orla
1st Anne Gunning
2nd Ann Foran
Class 1 Kathleen Finnegan
Cass 2 Rosaleen Byrne
Class 3 Dora Glynn

Oct 15th – Eddie Donohue Ladies Prize.
1st Ann Foran 38pts
2nd Dora Glynn 37pts

Oct 12th – sponsor Ballyfore Ladies
1st Deirdre Lawless
2nd Pauline Holt
3rd Kathleen Finnegan
4th Anne Gunning
Front 9 Ann Lee
Back 9 Miriam Malone

Oct 5th – Sponsor Doreen Ingrid & Breda
1st Catherine Hynan
2nd Pauline Holt
3rd Gretta Foran
Front 9 Kathleen Finnegan
Back 9 Eily Duigenan


Sep 28th = Captain’s Prize to Ladies
1st Miriam Malone
2nd Kathleen finnegan
3rd Rosaleen Byrne
Gross Deirdre Lawless
Front 9 Margaret Murray
Back 9 Siobhan O’Callaghan

Sep 21st – Two Lady Open Team – Sponsor Henry Gunning
1st Kathleen Finnegan & Siobhan O’Callaghan 57 pts
2nd Miriam Malone & Maura Moore 57 pts
3rd June Malone & Julia Farrell 51 pts

Pink Day at Edenderry Club for Breast Cancer Research.
Deirdre Feely and Irene Hurley won the competition at home. Deirdre and Irene qualified for the Breast Cancer Research National Final Play in Pink Day, at Galway Bay Golf Resort on Friday 22nd next.
The National Final includes Golf at the Galway Bay Golf Resort, Gala Presentation Dinner and overnight accommodation at the Connacht Hotel.

Sept 14th: 18 hole V Par- Sponsors: Allied Irish Bank
1st Siobhan O’Callaghan 1 up
2nd Maura Gillen all flat
3rd Miriam Malone 1 down
4th Judy Curley 1 down.

Sept 7th: 18 hole Single Stableford – Sponsor: Jenny McNally
1st. Irene Hurley 39pts
2nd. Brid Lynam 38 pts
3rd. Gretta Foran 38pts
2’s Noranne Callegy


Aug 31st – 18 hole stroke competition sponsor: Phil Connolly
1st. Kathleen Finnegan 70 net
2nd. Ingrid O’Brien 70 net
Gross: Eily Duigenan 82 gross
3rd. Betty Lynch 70 net
4th. Anne Gunning 73 net
5th. Moira Walsh 73 net
2’s Kathleen Finnegan, June Malone & Ingrid O’Brien

Aug 24th Lady President Trudy O’Neill’s Prize
1st Marie Burke 43pts
2nd Maura Gillen 38pts
Gross Eily Duigenan

Class A
1st Ann Foran 37pts
2nd Kathleen Finnegan 36 pts
Class B
1st Gretta Foran 35pts
2nd Siobhan O’Callaghan 35pts
Class C
1st Judy Curley 37pts
2nd Ann Kavanagh 36pts
Past President – Dora Glynn
Young at heart – Catherine Hynan
Front Nine – Breid Cribbin 20pts
Back Nine – Ingrid O Brien 18pts
Nine Hole – Lucy Dempsey
Lady Beginners
1st Siobhan Butler
2nd Celine Dunne

Aug 17th Singles – Sponsors Karen Abbott & Deirdre Lawless
1st Penny Martin 40pts
2nd June Malone 39pts
3rd Irene Hurley 38pts
4th Bea Kelly 37pts
5th Eily Duigenan 35 pts
2’s Pennny Martin

********** Open Week 2017. ***********
Aug 10th – Two Lady Team, sponsor McGreal’s Fashion & Jewellery Store.
1st Deirdre Lawless & Margaret Murray 59 pts
2nd Judy Curley & Anne Kavanagh 59pts
3rd Berni Bennett & Eily Duigenan 57 pts

Aug 6th – 4 Ball Better Ball – Sponsor Greg Farrelly
1st- Mary Farrell & Catherine Hynan

August 3rd – 18 hole Greensomes Breast cancer research
1st Deirdre Feely & Irene Hurley 40pts
2nd Margaret Murray & Maura Gillen 40pts
3rd Breid Cribbin & Betty Lynch 38pts
Nine Hole
1st Margaret Stynes
2nd Judy Curley


July 27th – Lady Captains Day – 18 hole stroke & 9 hole playoff
1st Noranne Callegy 105 nett
2nd Gretta Foran 105 nett
Gross – Miriam Malone 78
3rd Irene Hurley 105.5 nett
Leading Qualifier – Penny Martin 70
4th Eily Duigenan 105.5 nett
5th Maura Moore 107 nett
6th Pauline Holt 107.5 nett
Past Captain – Breid Cribbin 71 nett
Young at heart – Brid Lynam 72 nett
7th Kathleen Finnegan 109 nett
8th Pauline Holton 109 nett
9th Breda McDonnell

Front Nine Catherine Byrne 33 nett
Back Nine Ann Foran 34 nett

1st Karen Abbott
2nd Lucy Dempsey

July 20th – Single Stableford – Sponsor Maura Moore
1st Bea Kelly 40 pts
2nd Moira Walsh 39pts
3rd Noranne Callegy 37 pts
Front 9 Christine Byrne 21pts
Back 9 Siobhan O’Callaghan 20pts
Nine hole Comp
1st Pat Fanning
2nd Ann McNally

July 13th – 18 Hole Stableford sponsored by Diamonds & Pearls Ladies Fashions
1st Judy Curley (30) 42 pts
2nd Deirdre Lawless (15) 39 pts
3rd Kathleen Finnegan (16) 39 pts
2’s – M Moore, M Walsh, N Callagy, E Duigenan & M Waters.

July 6th – Sponsor O’Donoghue Family
1st Catherine Hynan   41pts
Gross Penelope Martin   88 nett
1st    Ingrid O”Brien   38pts
2nd   Deirdre lawless  38pts
3rd   Gretta Foran       37pts
1st   Breda  McDonnell  40 pts
2nd  Judy Curley              37pts
3rd   Betty Lynch              36 pts
Best score on par 3  Marian Rowan
Secret score   Ann Lee
2’s Catherine Hynan & Ingrid O’Brien


June 29th – 3 Lady Open  Sponsored by Lawton & Foley Motors
1st  Eily Duigenan  Rita O Shea & Deirdre O Connor   91 pts
2nd Kathleen Finnegan, Bea Kelly  & Irene Hurley       85 pts
3rd  A Kenna   Carmel Bourke  & Catherine Byrne         84 pts.

June 26th – 18 Hole V Par competition sponsored by Ryan’s Pharmacy.
1st June Malone (15) 8up
2nd Beatrice Kelly (21) 5up
3rd Anne Kavanagh (28) 3up
Front 9 – Siobhan O’Callaghan (19) 2up
Back 9 – Deirdre Lawless (15) 3up.

June 15th  –  Sponsor George & Nina Dunne – Dunne Trophy
1st Siobhan O Callaghan 40 pts
2nd Eily Duigenan 37pts
3rd Marie Burke 37pts
Front 9 Anne Gunning
Back 9 June Malone
9 hole Margaret Stynes

June 22nd – Stroke competition – Sponsors Mary & Marie Fashions
1st Ann Foran 69 nett
2nd Eily Duigenan 70 nett
3rd Catherine Byrne 71 nett
Front 9 Judy Curley
Back 9 Deirdre Lawless
9 hole comp – Lucy Dempsey

Jun 1st – 18 hole competition sponsors Mary S Joan E & Ann Kavanagh
1st Bea Kelly 69 nett
2nd Irene Hurley 70 nett
3rd Pauline Holton 72 nett


May 25th – Open 3 Lady Team – sponsored by Marcella Rushe & Trudy O’Neill
1st    Dora Glynn, Breid Cribbin & Betty Lynch           84 points
2nd    Miriam Malone, Noranne Callegy & Maura Moore      77 points
3rd     Gretta Foran, Ann Foran & Marie Burke            76 points
Nine Hole –  Lucy Dempsey

May 18th Allenwood Ladies Stroke Competition
1st         Rosaleen Byrne   70 nett
2nd         Noranne Callegy  71 nett
3rd         Breda McDonald   72 nett
4th         Dora Glynn       72 nett
Nine hole  Lucy Dempsey

May 4th – 18 Hole Stableford sponsored by Maureen Waters, Irene Hurley, Pauline Holton and Catherine Finnegan.
1st. Breda McDonnell (25) 40 pts.
2nd. Gretta Foran (20) 39 pts.
3rd. Betty Lynch (27) 37 pts.
1st nine: Anne Foran (17) 20 pts.
2nd nine: Judy Curley (31) 22 pts.
9 Hole Competition.
1st: Ada O’Driscoll (29) 17 pts.
2nd: Lucy Dempsey (36) 15 pts.

27th April: Valerie Doyle Qualifier – Sponsored by Gretta Foran and Anne Foran.
Class A: Miriam Malone (8) 40 pts.
Class B: Siobhan O’Callaghan 20 pts.
Class C: Trudy O’Neill (33) 37 pts.
2’s Eily Duigenan and Julia Farrell.
9 Hole Comp.
1st. Pauline Salley (36) 13 pts.
2nd. Ada O’Driscoll (29) 12 pts.

Congrats. to our Junior Foursomes team who had a great win Vs. Moate in Tullamore on Sunday 30th. Team Manager: Julia Farrell.

April 20th- 18 hole Stableford sponsored by Dermot Hall (Hall’s Menswear and Golf Academy)
1st Pauline Holt (32) 40 pts,
2nd Gretta Foran (20) 39 pts,
3rd Eily Duigenan (8) 38 pts.
1st Nine Pauline Holton (20) 20pts.
2nd Nine Catherine Byrne (17) 20pts.
9 Hole Competition
1st Patricia Fanning (32) 16 pts.
2nd Ada O’Driscoll (29) 16 pts

Congrats. to our Intermediate Team who had a great win Vs. Mountrath in Portarlington on Thur 20th. Team Manager: Dora Glynn.
Congrats. to our Minor Team who had a great win also Vs. Mountrath in Cill Dara on Tuesday 25th. Team Manager: Breid Cribbin.

Apr 13th – Ladies Open two lady team – Sponsored by McGuinness Maintenance
First Ladies open this year. Ladies from nine neighbouring clubs played with visitors featuring in two of the prizes.

1st Eily Duigenan & Deirdre O’Connor 53pts
2nd Catherine Byrne & Kathleen Finnegan 53pts
3rd Breda Mc Donnell & Mary Rose Coughlan 53pts
4th Brid Lynam & Judy Curley 52pts

Next Ladies open is a three lady team event on Thursday 25th May.

Apr 6th – 18 Hole Singles – Sponsor Marion Kelly Penelope Martin & Miriam Gavin
1st Siobhan O’Callaghan (20) 36pts
2nd Irene Hurley (25) 36pts
3rd Catherine Hynan (18) 36pts
4th Kathleen Finnegan (17) 36pts

Front nine – Deirdre Lawless (16) 18pts
Back nine – Margaret Murray (19) 21pts


Mar 29th – Wednesday Open Singles
Miriam Malone (08) 40 pts

Mar 26th – Ladies Singles – Sponsors Lucy, Rosaleen, Anne & Deirdre
1st Noranne Callegy 37pts (16)
2nd Eily Duigenan 37pts (08)
3rd Irene Hurley 35pts (25)
4th Miriam Malone 34pts (08)
5th Mary Farrell 34pts (18)

Spring League Winners
First: Team A: Eily Duigenan, Mary Farrell, Irene Hurley, Judy Curley, Betty Lynch.
Joint Second: Team C: Ingrid O’Brien, Margaret Murray, Ann Kenna, Doreen Pickering.
Team E: Maureen Waters, Gretta Foran, Pauline Holton, Trudy O’Neill.

Mar 17th – 18 hole Open Singles
1st Deirdre Lawless 30pts

Mar 16th – 18 hole stableford competition sponsored by Mrs Frances Byrne.
1st Siobhan O’Callaghan 40 pts.
2nd Eily Duigenan 38 pts.
3rd Miriam Malone 35 pts.
4th Anne Foran 34 pts.
5th Moira Walsh 34 pts.
Front 9: Judy Curley 19 pts.
Back 9: Maura Moore 18 pts.

Mar 9nd – 13 Hole Lamb Competition Results up to 2nd Mar
1st Deirdre Lawless 29pts
2nd Judy Curley 28pts
3rd Catherine Hynan 27pts

Mar 2nd – 13 Hole Lamb Competition Results up to 2nd Mar
1st Siobhan O’Callaghan 27pts
2nd Maura Moore 27pts.
3rd Penelope Martin 26pts.


Feb 23rd – 13 Hole Lamb Competition Results up to 23rd Feb
1st Miriam Malone 28pts
2nd Deirdre Lawless 26pts.

Feb 16th – 9 Hole Lamb Competition Results up to 16th Feb
Lamb 1. Miriam Malone 19 pts
Lamb 2. Noranne Callagy 22 pts
Lamb 3. Miriam Gavin 19 pts
Lamb 4. Irene Hurley 23 pts
Lamb 5. Anne Foran 22 Pts.
Lamb 6. Catherine Hynan 19 pts
Lamb 7. cancelled
Lamb 8. Kathleen Finnegan 21 pts
Lamb 9. Penelope Martin 18 pts
Lamb 10. Judy Curley 18 pts
Lamb 11. Dora Glynn 17 pts
Lamb 12: Deirdre Lawless 18pts
Lamb 13: Penelope Martin 18pts

Feb 16th – 13 Hole Sweep – Sun 12th Feb & Thu 16th Feb
1st June Malone 26 pts
2nd Dora Glynn 25 pts
3rd Miriam Malone 24 pts

Feb 9th – 13 Hole Sweep – Sun 5th Feb; Thu 9 Feb
1st Maura Moore 31 pts
2nd Rita Moloney 29 pts
3rd Kathleen Finnegan 29 pts.

Feb 2nd – 13 Hole Sweep – Sun 29 Jan; Thu 2nd Feb
1st Irene Hurley 25pts
2nd Deirdre Lawless 24pts.


Jan 26th – 13 Hole Sweep – Sun 22nd; Thu 26th Jan
1st Irene Hurley 31pts
2nd Anne Foran 27pts
3rd Maura Moore 27pts

Jan 19th – 13 Hole Sweep – Sun 15th; Thu 19th Jan
1st Gretta Foran 28pts
2nd Miriam Malone 25pts

Jan 12th – 13 Hole Sweep – Sun 8th; Thu 12th Jan
1st Noranne Callagy 28pts
2nd Miriam Malone 25pts


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