Challenge Cup 2020 – Provisional

Challenge Cup Sheet – See http://masterscoreboard.co.uk

1 Matches not played by deadline will result in both players being disqualified.
2 Handicap is the lower of your current handicap and handicap on 8th April.
3 Low Player will go to scratch and full handicap difference will apply.
4 Only Measuring Devices which measure distances will be allowed.
5 Devices which measure wind speed or course or green levels etc, will not be allowed.
6 All matches must be booked on on-line.
7 Results must be updated on clubhouse computer by selecting “Enter a Knock-out Result” and on the draw sheet.

Gents Fourball 2020

Gents Fourball Matchplay

1 Any Matches not played by said date both teams will be disqualified.
2 Handicap at start of competition. [see draw sheet].
3 First 3 rounds played over 9 holes [if tied go to Back 9], semi-final and final over 18 holes.
4 Low Player will go to scratch and full difference except semi-final and final it will be 90% difference.
5 Measuring devices which only measure distances will only be allowed.
6 Devices which measure wind or course or green levels, etc, will not be allowed.
7 All matches must be booked on online.
8 Results must be sent by winner to [email protected] and update draw sheet in clubhouse.