ZZ_Junior 2020

Junior Captain 2020 – Adam Maher

4th August
1st Robbie Beegan 20pts (7)
2nd Vinny Leech 11pts (10)
3rd Darragh Farrell 9pts (10)
1st Daniel O’Sullivan
2nd  Charlie Dupuis
3rd  Oliver Goulding
4th Jack Sharpe
5th Ben Sweeney Noonan
28th July
9 Hole qualifying
1st Vinny Leech 21pts (10)
2nd Robbie Beegan 20pts (7)
3rd Darragh Farrell 11pts (10)
4th Tiernan Duggan  11pts (16)
5th Jamie Sharpe 10pts (11)
6th Adam Maher 10pts (13)
Purple Course
1st Cillian Foran
2nd Ben Sweeney Noonan
3rd Irene Hughes
4th Emma Farrell
5th Mark Dolan
21st July
1st Ben Whelehan 34pts (24)
2nd Vinny Leech 34pts (22)
3rd Darragh Farrell 27pts (22)
4th Jamie Sharpe 24pts (22)

1st Charles Dupuis
2nd Gavin King
3rd Irene Hughes
4th Daniel O’Sullivan
5th Emma Farrell

14th July
18 Hole
1st Robbie Beegan 48pts (23)
2nd Adam Maher 28pts (28)
3rd Vinny Leech 22pts (13)
4th Jake Maher 22pts (30)
5th Aaron Bennett 19pts (12)
6th Darragh Farrell 19pts (13)
7th Ben Whelehan 16pts (24)
1st Jack Sharpe
2nd Daniel O Sullivan
3rd Irene Hughes
4th Oliver Goulding
5th Mark Dolan day

7th July
9 Hole
1st Darragh Farrell 16pts (6)
2nd Jake Maher 13pts (15)
3rd Adam Maher 13pts (14)
4th Ben Whelehan 11pts (12)
5th Aaron Bennett 4pts (11)
1st Harry Goulding
2nd Irene Hughes
3rd Ben Sweeney Noonan
4th Emma Farrell
5th Donnacha Seery

30th June:
1st Robert Beegan 49pts (26)
2nd Ben Whelehan 48pts (26)
3rd Robbie Gallagher 47pts (21)
4th Adam Maher 43pts (30)
5th Vinny Leech 36pts (23)
6th Tiernan Duggan 35pts (35)

1st Jamie Sharpe
2nd Emma Farrell
3rd Ben Sweeney Noonan
4th Irene Hughes
5th Harry Goulding

Summer Programme
Message 10 Jun 2020
To all our Juveniles,
We are sending you a copy of our Juvenile “purple” course.
This is the course our 9-hole competition will use on return of our summer camp on June 30th.
Please try to get out with an adult to practice before June 30th.
YDA Committee
Purple Card