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Hole by Hole

Hole 10.

Gents: Par 4: 343Mts, Index 7
Ladies: Par 4: 286Mts, Index 3

This requires a straight 200 yard shot off the tee, which will leave a mid-iron to the very unusual green.  Only big dogs dare hit driver.  Don't be fooled by the green it's usually a straight putt no matter where you are or where the pin is.




Hole 11.

Gents: Par 5: 472Mts, Index 15
Ladies: Par 5: 379Mts, Index 11

Easiest par 5 on the course, just keep it on the fairway and avoid out of bounds to the right and par comes easy.



Hole 12.

Gents: Par 3: 153Mts, Index 17
Ladies: Par 3: 149Mts, Index 13

170 yard par 3, guarded by a big bunker to the front right.  Club selection here is vital and take note of the prevailing wind.



Hole 13.

Gents: Par 4: 392Mts, Index 3
Ladies: Par 4: 329Mts, Index 1

Long straight par 4, which usually plays into prevailing wind, only big hitters will hit this in two.  Again a good big green, sloping from back to front guarded by two big bunkers on either side.



Hole 14.

Gents: Par 4: 353Mts, Index 9
Ladies: Par 4: 228Mts, Index 17

Keeping your drive on the right side of fairway to avoid the fairway bunker and to have a nice, clean, open shot to big green. Wind also plays a big factor here too.



Hole 15.

Gents: Par 4: 403Mts, Index 1
Ladies: Par 5: 382Mts, Index 5

The tightest of all par 4's which hitting fairway with drive is a must, if you want to have any chance of par.  A big 2-tiered green, in which you must get pin distance right.




Hole 16.

Gents: Par 3: 135Mts, Index 13
Ladies: Par 3: 107Mts, Index 15

When on the 13th tee, always look left and check out where the pin is on 16, and you're half way there to playing the hole. Wind is a huge factor which you can't feel on the tree- guarded tee box. 

The secret here is to just hit centre of green.



Hole 17.

Gents: Par 5: 489Mts, Index 5
Ladies: Par 5: 349Mts, Index 7

The great Johnny Brady would describe this as the best hole on the course.  It's long and dog-legged and the best way to play this hole is up the right side of the fairway.

With a big green, sloping from back to front.



Hole 18.

Gents: Par 4: 319Mts, Index 11
Ladies: Par 4: 281Mrs, Index 9

Nolan's Alley: Very tight par 4, trees to the left and right requires a long straight drive leaving a short iron to one of our toughest greens on the course.  Great finishing hole.