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Hole by Hole

Hole 1: Christy's Eagle

Gents: Par 4: 292Mts, Index 18
Ladies: Par 4: 252Mts, Index 18

The great Christy O'Connor played Edenderry in the 1990's and after hitting the middle of the fairway with his drive he holed his second shot for eagle.

Risk and reward hole, anything from a long iron to a 3 wood will set you up with a nice short iron to the green.



Hole 2.

Gents: Par 3: 158Mts, Index 12
Ladies: Par 3: 136Mts, Index 14

Very deceiving hole and probably one of the toughest, where the wind really comes in to play.

You can hit anything from an 8 iron to a 3 iron, but misjudging the wind and par is very unlikely.



Hole 3.

Gents: Par 4: 396Mts, Index 2
Ladies: Par 5: 389Mts, Index 4

Edenderry's signature hole, one of our toughest par 4's. You have to be long and straight and bisect the fairway to have any chance of hitting the green in two. A tough green with some very deceiving slopes and again get pin high or you're in for a 3 putt.



Hole 4.

Gents: Par 4: 266Mts, Index 14
Ladies: Par 4: 261Mts, Index 6

Long hitting members will take on this short par 4 but the tee shot is vital. A long iron or a 5 wood which will leave you a flick of a wedge to the green. Don't overshoot this green.



Hole 5.

Gents: Par 4: 393Mts, Index 4
Ladies: Par 4: 334Mts, Index 2

A long straight par 4, bigger hitters can cut the tree line for a mid- iron and easier access to the green, a tee shot to right side of the fairway leaves safe access to an elevated two-tier green.



Hole 6.

Gents: Par 5: 460Mts, Index 6
Ladies: Par 5: 364Mts, Index 10

It will take two long bombs to have any chance of hitting the green.  Lay up to a nice wedge approach shot, to one of our best 3-tiered greens, sloping from back to front.



Hole 7.

Gents: Par 5: 460Mts, Index 8
Ladies: Par 5: 383Mts, Index 8

Again at par 5, which requires two long straight shots to reach the green and avoid the bunkers either side of the green, which come in to play quite a lot.



Hole 8.

Gents: Par 3: 165Mts, Index 16
Ladies: Par 3: 152Mts, Index 16

Long par 3 to a fabulous 2-tiered green guarded by a big bunker to the front right of the green.  Again you must figure out which way the wind is blowing or pay the price.



Hole 9.

Gents: Par 4: 308Mts, Index 10
Ladies: Par 4: 275Mts, Index 12

If you're going well, better to play a long iron or 5 wood, to keep the water and trees out of play.  You should be left with a mid-iron to the green.